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Interior Plantscaping

Our designs are created by a professional horticulturist with more than ten years of experience caring for plants that thrive in our Rocky Mountain climate.  Each plantscape is tailored to suit the specific needs of your location, including the aesthetics of your space and your maintenance needs.  Once the plants have been installed, a certified plant technician will visit your location weekly to inspect, water, clean, prune, fertilize and rotate your plants to ensure they remain healthy and attractive.  We also offer a bloom rotation program to replenish flowering plants so there is always something beautiful blooming. All our plants are guaranteed.

Exterior Garden Design & Maintenance

PCPS offers landscape design and full-service, year-round landscape maintenance including cleaning, pruning, weeding, watering and plant replacement.  We specialize in annual planting and container garden arrangements perfect for framing an entry or beautifying a patio or deck.  Our plants are rotated seasonally from April to the first frost, ensuring your landscape, flower boxes and planters always look healthy and vibrant.    


Marketing a retail or office space?  Nothing shows how well your location is maintained better than a well-cared for plantscape. 

Seasonal Decor

Choose to lease or purchase your holiday décor, and we can do the rest.  PCPS will provide festive and tasteful trees (live or artificial), wreaths, garlands, swags and poinsettia arrangements to suit the scale and ambience of your space.  We provide assembly, clean-up, and optional storage.

Floral Arrangements

Let us create a custom floral arrangement for your next banquet, meeting, or VIP visit.  Our arrangements also make great corporate gifts! 


Limited arrangements for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other holidays may be available.  Please contact PCPS for details and pricing. 

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